Shit Rags: A Month in a Life of Darkness

For this series of paintings, I have reimagined our astonishingly, breathtakingly, eye wateringly corrupt government as the circles of hell in Dante’s Divine Comedy.


Limbo, Lust and Treachery – 1st, 2nd and 9th circles


VIOLENCE – 7th circle


GREED – 4th circle


8th circle


Gluttony – 3rd circle


Heresy – 6th circle




Wrath – 5th circle



Even a cursory investigation into the killing reveals that there was no possible way that Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin. There are no other suspects.


Over the years I have taken an undue interest in American politics, exacerbated by the arrival of Trump and a new style of right wing anti people policies with the most heinous one being the overturn of Roe vs Wade and suppression of abortion rights in the Red states. Whilst this is being framed as right to life its clearly only done for control as it is running seamlessly alongside the new rush to ban books, slavery conversations, anti drag/trans laws etc.


Diabolical Liberty

The strategic Putin goal of the conflict was to restore part of the USSR and to halt any NATO expansion. Now that Finland has been incorporated it’s a political as well as humanitarian disaster.

The Occupier


The main image is of a friend of mines kid playing happily on a farm but with the addition of a flag and some bullet holes she’s transported into the hell of current Ukraine. As horrific a war as the Syrian conflict, still raging for 11 years, just as unnecessary and with one common ogre.


Enough now


Recreating the classic image of Yosser Hughes in Alan Bleasdales ‘Boys from the Blackstuff’ and reimagining as anyone from anywhere in the dystopian society that is being carved out for us by our broken democracy and new plutocracy.


This is England 23


A comment on the laudable but obviously utterly imaginary policy to level up the country whilst actually siphoning all the money to their own interests. I’m using the idiotic Victorian pencil and Yosser as poster boys and protagonists in this unequal battle.


Levelling up


I’ve been fascinated by Zebras since a child and later discovering that the reason for the stripes is that they confuse the compound eyes of flies. No flies on Zebras. This picture incorporates many of my images: pterodactyls; diabolical liberty: old Worthless stencils and my Heinz soup cans and represents for me, dystopian pop art.


No fly zone


I have been making pictures and assemblages portraying Americas gun culture (most obviously with my flags) and in particular the way that the police exercise their powers with casual indifference to life. Black life in particular.


Guns kill people

With a nod to the Jeffrey Epstein case and T-shirts, I made some designs fully expecting the same fate to befall her. The only surprise is that she hasn’t and then realising that it all depends on her keeping silent and protecting the power brokers that were all aboard the Lolita Express. To finish my Zebra story, it wasn’t until an Australian scientist dressed a horse in a zebra costume that the evolution myth behind the stripes was finally accepted.



Full on dystopia, imagining that with the current course of climate breakdown, corruption, pestilence and inequality that it won’t be long before society finally cracks, impodes and leaves the raccoons running things. I’ve given her human hands to slightly sinistise the image.

In the end it will only be us

This was the first picture of the series and uses some of my favourite images: The Unknown Hoody; my usual climate commentators, Polly parrot and Peggy Orang Utan ; and the camels that lead us back to the Australian wildfires and Murdoch doublespeak. However it is the etymology behind Helicopter that is my favourite fact after the zebra stripes.  Its Helico – Spiral  and  Pter – Flying Lizard and not Heli  Copter. Still makes me smile.


It definitely wasn’t the camels

Nothing Changes



Look over there


One of my large format paintings 2400mm x 1200mm and was painted during the course of last year and evolved through the ongoing war in Ukraine, money markets crashing, food and energy costs increasing and the relentless tabloid hounding of Meghan Markle, which even in context makes no sense compared to what Andrew is accused of and there’s hardly a peep about him.. There must be some reason why?

Can’t wait to see how all this is Meghan’s fault

War is Peace (2400mm x 1200mm)

Burning and Looting (2400mm x 1200mm)

A Life in a Day of Ivan Pavlov (2400mm x 1200mm)




“Stephen Smith Has Died” (2400mm x 1200mm)
Whiteys’ on the moon. Again (2400mm x 1200mm)
Untitled as yet Oct 2021 (2400mm x 1200mm)

Breaking News – Camels responsible for Australia’s drought
Words Fail Me (1800mm x 1200mm)

Slava Ukraini


To be clear, what’s important is that we focus on
delivering for the British people in the national interest. 


Gary likes a scoff

Digital Dystopia


Gina’s bandits – in homage to Sydney Nolan





Pandemic collage




Will of the people


The Last Supper


The never ending story – Black Lives Matter (A memoriam to the US citizens killed by their police forces in 2015)

The Oscar for Best Trumped Up Story

The Oscar for Best Trumped Up Story

Cheers Dave
The Dying of the Light “The Dying of the Light”, previewing at Battersea Arts Centre 25, 26, 27 Sep 2015