The Mona Geeza: A Journey Back in Time

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Alongside my theoretical work and whilst I was figuring out how he viewed his illicit portrait, I was very eager to produce some visual images of my own. So I continued at the amazing @eastlondonprintmakers to produce my first series of screen prints. After many, many workings on the acetate positives with panopusprinters I printed my first draft and produced an image that I was happy with. Fig 5.

Figure 5

Except I then realised that it wasn’t what I wanted for this body of work and that I needed a more multi coloured background. More like Warhol I guess, who funnily enough seems to be the only other Mona Lisa reworker that has found this image, (fig 6).

Figure 6

So I went back to the computer to reproduce my screen printing positives. Fig 7.

And after three weeks with pens, scalpels and spray cans I emerged with The Mona Geeza. Currently on display @starandgarter 62 Poland Street, W1F 7NX until this Friday 19th April. Fig 8.